Experts in solutions by cooperation

Who are DNA?

We are a network organisation, different as all others. Different in the way of acting towards the customer, as in selecting the professionals who fit the DNA of DNA.

DNA - Dutch Network Association, brings a problem back to easy solution and result oriented steps and provides recognizability at our customers. Support base arises and cooperation towards a solution becomes natural. We take the customer back in the driver seat. 

Our mission: "We want, by being in conversation with the customer and the independent professionals, reach a result driven cooperation whereby the relationship and added value will be at the core of our contract".

Read on quickly... 

Me, Anton, founder of DNA - Dutch Network Association, is a driven professional who beliefs in working together, having fun AND with the obligation to deliver results. From my experience, I see an increase in complexity at companies, employees and managers see mainly risks, don't take ownerwhip and they find it hard to look for simplicity. A much heard start of a sentence: yes, but....

DNA has found the solution. As DNA, we are a network organisation which uses independent professionals to support our customers. Common values to the people who work with us are the relationship with the customer and working together with the obligation to deliver results. It is all about building the right relationships and communication to help companies fix their problems, not the symptoms.

The professionals within DNA have a proven track record of added value to their customers and are bound to DNA through the code of ethics. The professionals can be deployed for any kind of (management)role with the operations of a company.

Our purpose: be a high quality organisation where every customer and every independent professional wants to work with. To become the biggest (qualitative) network organisation of The Netherlands. And by that add small steps in changing the company culture in The Netherlands.

We want to show companies, big and small, that problems can be fixed by a combination of communication, working together, authenticity, motivation and last but not least, a good sense of humor.

The professional who will be deployed through DNA at a customer, will always work in for the sake of the customer. We expect a pro-active attitude of the professional. The professional gives, based on his experience, requested and unsolicited advice. As DNA professional your dare to say no and can you explain why you say no. The professional is transparent and honest about progress of the assignment and he/she pitches in to pure decision making based on facts.

Because a DNA professional delivers add value, where a lot of other are not able to, we are different as other suppliers. We don't act, we are who we are, what you see is what you get. Because of this behaviour, we connect people, we let people work together and we reach goals others can't live up to.

We work with all kinds of methods, principles, tools, but not one. Because there is not 1 tool equipped for all problems. We look at what is needed, and we pick the best parts of the various tools to support the problem at hand. There is not 1 truth, there are multiple roads that lead to Rome.

The professional respects feedback of the customer or other professional, without having the feeling of being personally attacked. If there are issues between the professional and the customer, we want both parties to act pro-actively towards DNA, so we can adjust the cooperation as soon as possible. All in the interest of both the professional and the customer.

Of a DNA professional, one might expect the following attitude and behaviour:

> Very strong communicative skills
> Intrinsic motivation to support the customer as a professional
> A healthy dose of common sense (bring issues back to simplicity)
> With humor having fun in doing his / her job
> Know how to connect people
> Is authentic and has no hidden agenda
> Is able to challenge when the situation asks for it, to improve the desired result
> Be steadfast in his / her solution and flexible to the person
> Naturally result driven
> Able to shift gears between global and detail level


Founder of DNA is me, Anton, and in stead of being the CEO, I have made myself CIO, because I love to work with data and information. I have been thinking about the concept of DNA, a network organisation, for almost 10 years. A network where the right attitude and behaviour are the core values of the people working with each other. 

I believe in a different way of looking at problems, searching for the root cause of the problem in stead of treating the symptoms. Next to that, I look at possibilities in stead of limitations. Core values of DNA are: working together, common sense, a healthy dose of humour. Work should be fun. This leads in my opinion to the desired results.