Our network is all about the right attitude and behaviour



Despite have a successful business life as a freelance professional for over 20 years, Anton wanted something more, something worthwhile, be financially independent. This drive has led to the admission to the mentor program of the Yager Group. The Yager Group has, since the early sixties, grown to become the largest 'wealth creating program' in the world. This program, brought by the Yager University, addresses the following subjects: leadership, entrepreneurial skills, personal development and financial knowledge and planning. This makes it a unique and proven concept. 

The program makes use of the products, marketing and logistics of Amway. Amway is the leading company in direct marketing, for 10 years in a row. Amway is present in 108 countries all over the world, started by 2 Americans with Dutch ancestors: Rich DeVos and Jay van Andel. The mentor program, just like DNA, has the purpose to build a network of independent professionals / entrepreneurs giving them a chance and possibility to make their dreams come true.  

With Amway and the mentor program of the Yager Group, it is all about the four principles: Freedom, Hope, Family and Reward. It is important to be aware it is all about your own mindset, your own motivation to learn, to grow.To get out of your comfort zone to enter the sweet spot of learning. With that, having the support of very experienced mentors, you can build your own passive income for yourself, your family and as a legacy to your heirs. Amway develops and produces sustainable and plantbased products, offers a customer portal and handles the logistics. This gives you the cheapest and least risky way to start your own business and head for a beautiful future.

As is every journey, it starts with the first step. And in this case, the first step (like many steps in the program) are about reading, reading the books The Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki and The Secrets of a Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker. When you have read 1 of these books, or both, and they inspire you as much as they inspired me, when you are eager, motivated to learn and authentic, when you want to help and mentor other people in the future, then please get in touch with me. You can call me (+31 6 4644 3887) or plan a free chat with me, no obligations, of 45 minutes, to see what we can do or each other: plan a free appointment