Our network is all about the right attitude and behaviour


     DNA Sprint

Do you recognize this? A question of problem which leads to an underlying issue after closer examination? How do you deal with this? How do you determine structural relevance of underlying issues? How do you define the direction to a solution? We have developed an answer to this. By executing our DNA Sprint, as DNA, we will, together with you as customer, come to a clear description of the problem, underlying issues and a solution, within 2 days time.
DNA has, based on proven methods, found a way to make sure, by sharing knowledge and using the individual frame of reference and intuition of every participant, the problem and its issues are being looked at through different lenses. Together with the employees of the customer and a selection of our professionals, in 2 days, we work towards the direction of a solution and we will deliver a plan how to get there.
The name Sprint has a symbolic as well as a literal meaning. Literal the name Sprint stands for: a short, explosive and powerful effort which leads to a positive result. Symbolic (in Dutch) it stands for: "Samen de Perceptie Realiseren met Intuïtie naar de Nieuwe Toekomst" which translates to: Together Realise Perception with Intuition towards a New Future.
How does the Sprint work? It is all about sharing each others perception and intuition about a problem and challenge each other. During the Sprint we invoke the sensors of the participants, so hearing, seeing and feeling. In an informal and playful way, the participants are being inspired to come to a desired result with each other. Security and trust are, of course, on the top of mind.
It is important that involved employees from various focus points and the client are present and participate. The participants to the Sprint must have a connection to the problem at hand and have an intrinsic motivation to participate to the Sprint. To reach a solution together and add some objective perceptions, a selection of DNA professionals will joint the Sprint. These professionals possess, each from their own life experience (perception) intuition and experience, the right attitude and desired behaviour to join this Sprint.